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Past Presentations

2023 Presentations,  TACERA College Station, TX

(10-24-23) ADA, Grants, and You.pdf

(10-24-23) Augmenting Pavement Maintenance Decisions with Structural Evaluation.pdf

(10-24-23) Comal County Home Grown Pavement Management.pdf

(10-24-23) Improving America One Road At A Time.pdf

(10-24-23) Kicking Asphalt Off Road Equipment.pdf

(10-24-23) Leveraging Grants _ Programs to Promote Rail Safety.pdf

(10-24-23) Longitudinal Joint Enhancement with Void Reducing Asphalt Membranes.pdf

(10-24-23) Measuring In-Place Density of Asphalt & the Benefits of Using a Non-Nuclear Density Gauge.pdf

(10-24-23) Roundabouts For All.pdf

(10-24-23) Seal Coat Equipment and Construction Process.pdf

(10-24-23) Seal Coat Material Selection and Rate Design.pdf

(10-24-23) The Why of Pavement Preservation.pdf

(10-24-23) Urban County with Rural Traffic Responsibilities.pdf

(10-25-23) Advancement in Pavement Data Analysis for Optimum Treatment Selection.pdf

(10-25-23) AI Bridge Maintenance Solution.pdf

(10-25-23) Are Hot Mix and Chip Seal My Only Options.pdf

(10-25-23) Boosting Mobility Bond Program Management, Consultant Efficiency in Fort Bend County.pdf

(10-25-23) Destination Retirement.pdf

(10-25-23) Floodplain and County Maintenance - Why It Matters.pdf

(10-25-23) HB 3697 and How To Move Forward.pdf

(10-25-23) Increasing Driver Awareness With Connected and Automated Work Zones.pdf

(10-25-23) Managing Growth & Urban Sprawl, Rockwall County's Story.pdf

(10-25-23) Short Closures Long Service Life with a Press Brake Tub Girder.pdf

(10-25-23) Using GIS to Enhance Your Road Maintenance Documentation.pdf

(10-25-23) Waters of the US or Ditch - What is the Latest Waters of the US Rule.pdf

(10-26-23) An Overview on Employee Performance Plans and Conducting Employee Evaluations.pdf

(10-26-23) Five Stage Model to Attract and Retain Public Works Employees.pdf

(10-26-23) Texas Legislative Update.pdf


2018 Presentations,  TACERA San Antonio, TX

TxDOT Off-System Bridge Program 

Complying with Regulations for Archaeological Resources in Texas 

Texas Dam Safety Program

Centrifugally Cast Concrete Pipe

County Engineering 101

Hot Mix Types and Their Applications 

Ethics for County Engineers

Texas County and District Retirement System (TCDRS)

Forensic Engineering

Federal DOT Drug Testing Requirements

Retaining Walls Types and Their Applications

Emergency Preparedness

Tort Liability

It's a New Day, Time for Change - How a supervisor can lead, encourage and implement changes

Bell County Safety Program - Practices and Incentives

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